Curiouser, and curiouser…

by handprinttheatreblog

…Handprint has landed at WordPress! For those who know us, thank you for your continued support…and those who are new, then a big, beautiful WELCOME! Handprint Theatre was created in 2009, by graduates from an unique course at Reading University: Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies (yes, you read that right…what an interesting course, right?!). Over the past few years, we have gone from strength to strength, experiencing all the great highs and lows that the rollercoaster of setting up your own company brings with it…and we are still so excited for the future.

This blog will predominantly be run by Sarah and Lizzie Ward, two sisters who are part of the growing Handprint Theatre team. Topics that may be blogged about are: Handprint news, events, exciting things going on in the Deaf (and Hearing) world, theatre news, funny stories from within Handprint…and a whole load of other, randomĀ titbits, quite possibly not relevant, but included anyway… Enjoy!