Happy (Sunshine!) Monday

by handprinttheatreblog

Summer is making a comeback…and we couldn’t be happier! It’s so nice to enjoy summer activities (BBQ, anyone?) without having an umbrella as your sidekick! (Not that we don’t like the rain – see last week’s Happy Monday – but we don’t hate the sun either…)

A little bit of exciting news for you:

Handprint are taking to the streets!

To celebrate the start of the Olympics, London Bridge is holding a street theatre festival, which we are very proud to have been selected for, over the opening weekend. (This weekend coming!!)

Come along and support Handprint Theatre (and share your photos and tweets: @TeamLondonBdg).

When and where:

Friday 27th – 10am Hay’s Galleria
                            12pm  St John’s Churchyard
                            2pm Kings College Campus
Saturday 28th – 10am St John’s Churchyard
                                  2pm Hay’s Galleria
Sunday 29th – 10am King College Campus
                              2pm St John’s Churchyard


A Suburban Silent Movie

Love at first sight, a jealous villain and escape into the moonlight is not the classic silent movie we are telling; this story is definitely no picnic!

Will the jealous Baron get his evil way, will our heroine’s days be numbered, will our hero save the day, or will ‘planned’ engineering works get in the way?

Our Characters have escaped the confines of the cinema screen, and are free to run riot throughout the streets.  Clowning, British Sign Language and a wealth of comedy submerses the audience within the silent movie.

Hope to see you there…


…and a very Happy Monday from all of us! Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine…remember to wear sunscreen…