Happy Monday

by Sarah

Monday has rolled around again…hey there, Monday, how you doing? What has made you smile today?

The Handprint team received something wonderful today:

Handprint Thank You


There can’t be a better way to start the working week then to receive a big envelope full of thank you letters and drawings from children who have enjoyed our workshops! Certainly put a big smile on our faces and Soapy Sam has a lot of new fans!! – what we said earlier on Facebook.

“I was really happy playing in the rainbow” – said by a child in a nursery we worked at recently.

Need more reasons to smile today? How about the lovely sunshine?!

Or news about the Deaflympics Flame Relay? 

Or a competition to win a pair of Eyelash Sunglasses?

Or an extremely interesting article about the “many faces of the Creative Performer”?

And, in the spirit of Canada Day, how about this list?

Now…go and do a little sunshine dance…you know you want to!

Happy Monday from us all: the giddy-on-sunshine-Handprinters!

P.S. Our wonderful Jennifer Wilson is flying home today – we can’t wait to see her! (She has been in Sri Lanka since January!!)