Happy Monday

by handprinttheatreblog

Introducing lampshade number 1:

You may be scratching your head right about now, but let me explain. Above is, as I said, lampshade number 1…and the first of many. We are on a hunt. A hunt for…yes…you guessed it, LAMPSHADES. Old-looking ones, at that. Why? Well…Handprint are once again hard at work creating a new production. For all you big kids out there, which translates as adults!

Something’s Got To Give

“Do the stories of yesteryear reveal a glamorous portrayal of successful life-through-art or a bitter shattering of our idols?

What is our relationship with these reoccurring characters; the public dismembering of Britney Spears lay-bare beside the adoration of Marilyn Monroe.

A combination of puppetry, images, music, multi-media and British Sign Language, create an intimate journey questioning relationships with fleeting, often fatal, celebrities, relishing the sophistication and scum of those we love to destroy.”

In conjunction with the rehearsals, the blog will be showcasing a Photo-Journal of snippets from the project…tune in again later this week.

A very Happy Monday to you all…and big hugs from all at Handprint x