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Month: May, 2012

Sam’s Adventures in Croydon: Part 2

by handprinttheatreblog

If you needed further proof of the adventures Sam had in Croydon…here they are:

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the sunshine comes back…and have a great Tuesday! Sam sends his love…


Happy Monday

by handprinttheatreblog

The sunshine has been brightening our days recently, hope it’s the same for you. Sometimes it forces us to slow down, and take note of what’s happening, and relax a little. Here’s a wonderful blog post on realising that, and savouring the moment: New Photos & Realisations: A personal post.

Are you following your dreams? Are you living the life you want to lead? If the answer is “no”, then what’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? This is your life, and you can do exactly what you want with it. Forget about time, it’s you that is important. Wherever you are in life, you can reach for your dreams. Make them a reality. Whether your dreams are small or big doesn’t matter, all dreams are important, regardless of the size. So if your dream is little, and a stepping stone to a bigger dream, go for it!

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”Inception

Find a notebook, and use it as a place to jot down all your personal inspiration, dreams, good memories…rip things out of magazines, and put them into the notebook…take it everywhere with you. On a day that isn’t too hot, write down a “Happy List”, listing all the little things in life that make you happy – and do this a lot, fill up that notebook. In the end, you will have a notebook full of inspiration, full of things that make you tick, and hopefully things that will give you a gentle push.

“Once you make the decision to take that leap of faith into the unknown, hope arises to give you a friendly push in the direction of your dreams.”My Heart Wanders, Pia Jane Bijkerk 

Live your dreams. Happy Monday!

Sam’s Adventures in Croydon: Part 1

by handprinttheatreblog

It’s been a little while coming, but they’re here at last! Thank you to all who came along to see Soapy Sam, and to all those who couldn’t make it – hopefully you’ll get to enjoy the delights that Sam offers in the not too distant future! But for now? Enjoy the photos…and there’s more to come!

…pop back soon for more!

Happy Monday

by handprinttheatreblog


Something to think about…and it certainly makes life more fun!

Big hugs from the Handprinters x

Let the rehearsals…begin!

by handprinttheatreblog

Last night, in the Handprint office, as the sun was setting over London:

…we officially began our rehearsals for Something’s Gotta Give.

And henceforth, our Something’s Gotta Give Photo Journal begins…

We want to involve our supporters and followers as much as we can for this production…so…


Questions for YOU:

  • What comes to mind when you think of celebrities?

  • Do you think they live a glamorous life, or is that a thing of the past? 

  • Who is more beautiful; Marilyn Monroe or Britney Spears? 

  • Do you think we build celebrities up, just to knock them down? 



Until next time!

“I just wanna be loved by you, Nobody else but you…”


Happy Monday

by handprinttheatreblog

Introducing lampshade number 1:

You may be scratching your head right about now, but let me explain. Above is, as I said, lampshade number 1…and the first of many. We are on a hunt. A hunt for…yes…you guessed it, LAMPSHADES. Old-looking ones, at that. Why? Well…Handprint are once again hard at work creating a new production. For all you big kids out there, which translates as adults!

Something’s Got To Give

“Do the stories of yesteryear reveal a glamorous portrayal of successful life-through-art or a bitter shattering of our idols?

What is our relationship with these reoccurring characters; the public dismembering of Britney Spears lay-bare beside the adoration of Marilyn Monroe.

A combination of puppetry, images, music, multi-media and British Sign Language, create an intimate journey questioning relationships with fleeting, often fatal, celebrities, relishing the sophistication and scum of those we love to destroy.”

In conjunction with the rehearsals, the blog will be showcasing a Photo-Journal of snippets from the project…tune in again later this week.

A very Happy Monday to you all…and big hugs from all at Handprint x

Happy Monday + Birthday

by handprinttheatreblog

Guess who had a birthday today? Our very own Marian! Therefore, this Happy Monday is dedicated to her; the magnificent Miss Hoddy.

We hope that she had a lovely birthday, full of ginger cake, lemon cake and carrot cake.

Let’s hope she can have a little break this year, and make it to Italy, because she definitely deserves it.

Tanti auguri a te, 
Tanti auguri a te,
Tanti auguri a Marian, 
Tanti auguri a te!

Bella Marian!

Happy Monday to you all, near and far.

Sam Love.

by handprinttheatreblog

Soapy Sam finished his run in Croydon, this past weekend, and he is now enjoying his rest. All of us in the Handprint team have a big soft spot for Sam, and we love his mischievousness! How can you fail to be lured in by his lovely self?

We’re smitten by him!

Here’s a sneak peak of the photographs to follow soon, from the run in Croydon:

Keep your eyes peeled!

We hope you have a great Bank Holiday Weekend, with hugs from all at Handprint x