Happy Monday

by handprinttheatreblog

In life, there are times when you might come across people who have a completely different outlook from you. You might be an optimist, and you might meet some pessimists. And vice versa. Neither is wrong, both are right; it is whatever suits that person. However, you might then meet someone who disagrees with the way you see the world around you. On those occasions, you must remember what you stand for, and why you stand for those things. Life has a way of weathering you, of shaping you into the person you are today, just like the sea erodes the rocks, and we need to respect that.

Perhaps one of the most important things in life is just that; respect. Respect for others, and their beliefs, and, equally important, the respect for yourself. We are all different; we come from different backgrounds, different cultures, upbringings, countries and lifestyles, and yet we are all entwined. It is a difficult thing to accept, at times, but it is also a beautiful thing. A young child has stories to tell someone who is at the other end of the life scale, just as they will have a lifetime’s worth of stories to tell the young child, and both are equally special. The respect that we can show each and every person will go a long way, and it will make all the difference.

If you have met new people recently, or in the past, and have been startled by the contrasts between your two worlds, then hopefully you have a story to take away from it. Whether that story is good or bad does not matter, life is made up of a whole host of stories that are both happy and sad; and we are making a wonderful, epic book. Each one of us has one in us. It is our life. Life is there for the living, so do what you love to do, and hold no regrets. You have control of the pen, and in front of you is perhaps the best story you will ever witness; we hope it is (and remember, if it’s not, you have the power to change it).

Personally, I find that the best way to making myself happy is to surround myself with all the things I love, and often it is the small things that create the biggest smile. A cup of tea. A cupcake. A pile of books that are waiting to be read. Smiles on the faces of those I love. What has made me smile recently? Seeing young children doting on Soapy Sam, the sunshine that has finally broken through the rain, Vanilla Lattes and cake, lots of cake. What has kept me calm? The knowledge that those in the Handprint team see the world around us in a very similar way, a very positive way. We believe that the imagination of children is something to be protected. We believe in keeping calm and carrying on. We believe in adventures. We believe in creating theatre that is accessible for everyone. And we believe in carrying over that accessibility into everything we do. Happiness is a state of living, not a destination.

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend, and a very Happy Monday. More posts to follow this week…

“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” ~ Denis Waitley